Storytelling and art have been constant loves in my life. Like most people, stories have helped me make sense of the world and where I fit within it. Art has allowed me to feel the visceral experience of others, and to appreciate the beauty of existence.

The film set is a magical place, something between an alchemical crucible and laser medium. An immense amount of matter & energy enter a constrained space and become transformed into an enthralling experience. These days, even more time and effort is spent making a movie inside a computer. While the box may not be as glamorous as set, understanding the process from capture to delivery is imperative to creating a professional product at a reasonable cost.

As a creative, I am always interested in learning new tools and mediums that enhance an audience’s engagement. I endeavor to stay informed on burgeoning trends and technological developments. As a producer, I recognize the important role that the market plays in defining viable works. I utilize proven testing techniques to optimize projects for the market place. As a manager, I approach team members with compassion, while earning trust through transparent communication and generous positivity.